Stop the destruction of our forests. SHUT DOWN MQT SPACEPORT PROJECT

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On July 23rd 2020, many Marquette county residents were made aware of being chosen to be the site of a rocket launch site. One article quotes, "A rocket blasting towards the heavens over Lake Superior. What could be more Pure Michigan than that? (FREEP article)" I can name hundreds of things that are more 'Pure Michigan' than that. Not polluting the clean, fresh waters of Lake Superior for a start. Also, not destroying acres of land that, contrary to popular belief, do have people living there.

Please take a stand to help keep our Lake Superior and surrounding ecosystems preserved. The creation of this rocket launch will do more harm than good for our community. 

The launch site is estimated to be completed in 2025. Before this however, "approval from local and state officials must be granted. The FAA will also have to sign off on the plans. (FOX17 article)".

Please show your support and take a stand! Do not let our land be destroyed!