Change the Marquette University seal

Change the Marquette University seal

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The Marquette University seal is problematic. On the bottom left corner it shows Father Marquette and a Native American guide. This image on our seal shows Father Marquette pointing off into the distance, leading the way. However, this image is cropped from the 1869 "Father Marquette and the Indians" painting by Wilhelm Lamprecht. The original painting shows a Native American person to the left of Father Marquette pointing in the distance. This whole image tells a different story compared to the image that is on the Marquette seal. By cropping out this Native American person from the seal, it is erasing the truth. The painting shows a Native American person giving Father Marquette directions. The image in the seal shows the complete opposite. 

Marquette's "Vision Statement for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion" states that Marquette, 

"actively works to promote a more diverse, welcoming, and inclusive campus community. Our vision is a diverse campus environment in which all community members enjoy mutual respect and are actively engaged in the life of the university; our scholarship, teaching and learning are inclusive and reflective of the needs of our diverse world; and we engage in meaningful relationships with diverse communities beyond our campus boundaries." 

The Marquette seal does not align with what is being said in this Vision Statement. By cropping the original painting, the narrative of the Native American person is erased. Marquette's mission is focused on being inclusive of everyone and welcoming diversity. In order for Marquette to practice diversity in action, the seal should be changed. I petition that Marquette change this section of the seal and include the Native American person that was cropped out. 

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