Replace/Re-evaluate Anne Martyn As An English 12 Teacher

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First and foremost, I am asking students to read this petition and if you agree with my following statements please sign the petition. Stand up for yourself and your peers. 

There was an incident today in class with Mrs. Martyn, and this has been
an ongoing battle between her and almost all of her students. Here is was

She gave us incorrect directions as to what we were supposed to do with
the packet which contained our senior portrait and names, which resulted
in a student from leadership coming into class today and reminding her
that they needed to redo the process for our class because it was done
incorrectly. She refused to spend class time on that, which would take a
total of 5-10 minutes, yet we waste hours on irrelevant material and

After speaking my mind, she didn¹t reply and passed out the test and told
me i would get a 0/140 on it simply because i was absent from her class
earlier in the week, which should give me more time to study and take the
test next period rather than a 0/140. She then proceeded to say to me,
"you better watch what you say next."

Aside from what happened today, she is a TERRIBLE english 12 teacher and
ill tell you why. We spend a ridiculous amount of class time on
outrageous activities and games, for example putting balloons between two
students heads and walking around for 20 minutes. We don¹t write nearly
as much as we should, being that we are all preparing to take a big step
and go to college which is much more rigorous than her english class. We
wrote one essay the entire year so far, and that was a college essay the
first month of school. Mrs. Martyn also left for 6 weeks on medical
leave, which is fine, but never graded anything from the entire 6-week
period and ultimately decided we wouldn¹t count any of it toward Aeries.
We have not seen a single vocal word all year, but we have studied drama
and have been put through hell learning about the Globe Theatre. She made
us build the Globe Theatre out of paper as a single day homework
assignment, which took 2-3 hours on average, and then only requested we
take a picture of it and show it to her. What about the students like
myself who actually spent the time to do it? Others simply grabbed a
friends project and took a picture of it, yet still got a higher grade
than myself. 

Ms. Martyn, I believe, is not preparing us for college at all, nor is she teaching us anything valuable which would benefit our future. Her heart is set on drama and acting, not english. This teacher is doing her current seniors a huge disservice by failing to improve our skills as english students.

Ms. Martyn is overqualified to be a drama teacher and would be
exceptional at that, but she should never step foot in an english
classroom again. 

If you you feel the same way, please sign this petition to have Ms. Anne Martyn re-evaluated as a teacher.

Thank you for your time,
Zachary Khan

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