Rebrand "Nude" tights to reflect diverse skin tones - #nudeisnotonecolour

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I am a woman with light brown skin. For years I have valued M&S tights for their longevity, quality etc. However, I have always been very uncomfortable by the way they name the colours that are meant to reflect skin tones (and how few there are!): Nude, Natural Tan, Suntan, Cocoa.

Nude is always pale.

The OED definition of 'nude' (other than naked) is '2. Denoting or relating to clothing or makeup that is of a colour resembling that of the wearer's skin.' While a subset of this is indeed '2.1. Of a pale pinkish-beige colour' the example given is 'nude tights'. In other words, by perpetuating this, tights manufacturers are part of the problem.

When I am nude, my skin will never be pinkish beige.

I have emailed M&S explaining how this is everyday racism and not inclusive, and asked them to reconsider their naming system to be more inclusive and to reflect a diverse range of skin tones. For example, they could describe nude tights as "beige" or "pale".

They have stated that they need more feedback.

Please sign this petition to show M&S how words have power and that it is their responsibility to make their brand more inclusive of the diverse people who live in our country and shop with them.

It's a small change but makes a huge difference for what skin we think is "normal".

#nudeisnotonecolour #everdayracism #wordshavepower #smallchange #allskins