Stop bullying those who wear masks

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Due to the recent COVID-19, many people around the world made changes in their routine in order to keep the epidemic under control. They wear masks, washing hands more frequently, and reduce their social contact.
While wearing a mask in Ontario might not be a recommendation by Ontario’s Ministry of Health at this moment, everyone has their own right to make such decision for themselves.
There are many people who are not sick but are more vulnerable compared to others. There is absolutely nothing wrong to add an extra protection for themselves and to protect others. Everyone should learn and know how to wear mask properly. No one is required to give explaination as to why he is wearing masks.
For Mr Joe Li’s recent speech during a public event openly demanding someone to take away their mask is disappointing and rude. It is sending wrong information to the public. As a markham councillor, he should be cautious with his actions and speeches.
Wearing a mask is definitely a personal choice and should not be questioned. Bullying someone who is wearing a mask is definitely unacceptable in Canada.
We demand Mr Joe Li to make public apology for his act.

Here is the link of his recent public event , sorry I only has the article in chinese newspaper. 

Here were some of his speeches and acts:

He saw a lady wearing a mask among the people attending the event, Li Guoxian "reminded" her immediately. If you are not sick, do not wear mask.

He also said that there was a delivery man who had entered the kitchen of his wife's restaurant while wearing a mask. He told the take-away man that if he would wear a mask next time, he would not be allowed to enter the door.

The lady did not take off her mask, but hid quietly behind the others.

There has been a bullying incident recently on TTC public transit where a man was charged for assaulting a woman for wearing a mask. This is the type of attitude we don’t need in Canada. Here is the article.








最近亦在TTC 有一男子涉嫌襲擊一位有戴口罩女子,這些行動正是加拿大不希望發生的。