Support Black Lives Matter Masks at Market of “Choice”

Support Black Lives Matter Masks at Market of “Choice”

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Kendall Hocking started this petition to Market Of Choice

To our community-

Please take a moment to read about Market of Choice and their alarming unwillingness to allow employees to show support of the movement Black Lives Matter.

This is an urgent local matter regarding Black Lives Matter and the repression of support from local companies.

Following the tragic, unacceptable death of George Floyd and too many others, essential workers at grocery store Market of Choice urged the company to make a statement. Their Black Lives Matter statement took two weeks to finally occur, after several conversations between employees, Human Resources, and store management. Rick Wright issued an official statement supporting the Black Lives Matter movement on 6/12/20.

Employees gave management educational resources regarding Black Lives Matter, asking to help distribute such resources to fellow employees. They also asked for more representation for their diversity team.

After the company finally issued a statement of “support”, each employee across stores were spoken to one-on-one to receive input and thoughts regarding the statement, as well as asked what actions should take place. Multiple employees expressed they wanted to  wear face masks that said “Black Lives Matter”. There was no clear answer in opposition or favor of wearing it.

On 6/21/20 three kitchen employees at the Delta Oaks location (Kendall Hocking, Madeline Ritchie, Isaac Relyea) wore “Black Lives Matter” masks with no negative consequences. Said employees were approached by multiple co-workers asking if they can have a mask as well.

On 6/22/20 Madeline Ritchie spoke to Human Resources on an unrelated matter and was told by the store manager that Black Lives Matter masks “have not been approved on corporate level”. She was then told that she and her coworkers must take them off. Instead, the three employees decided to walk-out of work, refusing to come back until the masks were approved.

It is important to note that employees at Market of Choice locations in Portland have also been told they couldn’t wear “Black Lives Matter” face masks- despite there being unclear, if any, regulations regarding what face masks employees are allowed to wear. Market of Choice is suggesting that business profit is more valuable than human life.

On 6/23/20, Madeline Ritchie was contacted by the corporate Human Resources. She was told corporate would not approve the “Black Lives Matter” face masks because they contradict the messaging of the company: “creating a relaxing, enjoyable shopping experience”. When Ritchie asked how the masks violate the policy they continued to say that it goes against the company’s branding. Employees were told that there were “lots of great, meaningful movements” but it goes against the company’s brand to “show support for all of them”. Then, when Ritchie asked for a meeting between employees and the corporate leadership team, employees were told that the team was “busy” for the upcoming days. These conversations and recent actions obviously contradict previous words of support stated. Let’s hold them accountable. 2 other employees at the Delta Oaks location refused to go to work on this day because of the matter.

Ritchie and several others are refusing to return to Market of Choice until they are allowed to wear face masks that support Black Lives Matter (which only goes along with the company’s statement of support). They do not know if they will lose their jobs.

My request to you all is simple: spread the word. Repost, post on Facebook, talk to family, don’t shop at Market of Choice until they respect our voices. Include details of names and locations. Boycott until Market of Choice chooses to value human life over business. Black Lives Matter is a human rights issue. Yes, wearing masks with these words printed may make customers uncomfortable; however, it also empowers people of color and shows solidarity. Isn’t it more important to preserve human life than lose uncomfortable customers, thus, profit? To not allow employees to show support is an infringement on freedom of speech as well as compliance in allowing racist laws, racial profiling, and implicit biases to continue. We must work TOGETHER, as a united front, to confront issues. To work towards basic justice.

If you read this all the way through, thank you. If you post and repost, thank you. If you talk to family and friends, thank you. This is a matter of human rights. A right to not look over your shoulder in constant fear to being followed, to not be killed by cops. A right to be treated equally. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Black. Lives. Matter.

Please sign this petition so the people making these decisions see how many are in support of the movement. When an employee asked for a corporate contact for complaints they were told they needed hours to come up with one. I would encourage you to call this location and others and ask the store managers to support employees wearing Black lives matter apparel. You can also go to the website and fill out the contact form.

Please spread the word and have our voices heard.



Delta Oaks: 541-344-1901

Franklin: 541-687-1188

Willakenzie: 541-345-3349

Willamette: 541-338-8455


Cedar Mill: 503-596-3592

Belmont: 503-236-6302

West Linn: 503-594-2901


Ashland: 541-488-2773

Bend: 541-382-5828

Corvallis: 541-758-8005

0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!