Time to FIRE Maxine Williams from Facebook for political tampering

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We the online bloggers/journalists demand swift action be taken against Facebook's Chief Global Diversity Officer, Maxine Williams for bias tampering of our Facebook pages

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, 

This letter seeks to make a formal report to you as Editor-in-Chief of Facebook, re possible Political interference in the upcoming Elections of Trinidad and Tobago.

After gathering the relevant intelligence from multiple sources of users of Facebook in Trinidad and Tobago, our conclusion points to one of your local staff members --  namely MAXINE WILLIAMS who seemingly is hell-bent on influencing the outcome of elections in Trinidad and Tobago.

Miss WILLIAMS is Trinidad and Tobago born US Resident who has known close affiliation with the People's National Movement political party, PNM, in Trinidad and Tobago and is locally known as a clear supporter of that Political Party which now forms the government.

It is our considered opinion that Ms. MAXINE WILLIAMS is using and abusing FACEBOOK's policies to muzzle perceived supporters and opponents of the Official Opposition Party United National Congress. This is a direct tampering with our DEMOCRATIC PROCESS in Trinidad and Tobago; and a blatant contravention of the very policies of FACEBOOK and its Founders.

Here-under are pointers reflecting some of the authoritative actions by Ms. Maxine Williams leveled on users of FACEBOOK in the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

1. Several posts have been pulled from Facebook, which are not in breach of Facebook Rules; but which are highly critical of the PNM government.

2. News feed posts are too often not visible in spite of consistent complaints to Facebook that these posts are non-offensive and purely informational and reflect articles from the daily local News papers of a nature which depicts the PNM Government in an unfavourable light.

3. Regular implementation of Facebook's 30-day-ban for posts, which upon close scrutiny does not contravene any of Facebook's Policies. An example which points to a clear bias when one such particular post was removed from the 'Braveboy Report' page with that page being banned for 30 days, but that particular post remaining on other Facebook platforms.

4. Our inability to post comments from phone or computer devices on a regular basis with a message that READS: 'There was a problem with this request. We're working on getting it fixed as soon a s we can.' or a red exclamation mark on phone device followed by 'We are unable to post the comment.'

5. When those of us targeted, get Facebook warnings, we are unable to query the post. We will get a message saying: 'Sorry you are unable to use this feature at this time.' So it appears that settings gets disabled, so as to not allow those of us who dissent, the right to query or protest posts being taken down unfairly.

6. Receiving what looks like fake warnings from Facebook, telling us it seems we were using a Facebook account that appeared as ours, so please sign back in. Except, we are not given the option of both phone number and email address to enter our code. This is worrying as it gives the impression that Ms Maxine Williams could be sourcing phone contacts for the PNM government, which essentially can endanger the lives of bloggers or online journalists and others who dissent against the Keith Rowley led government.

7. There are also numerous complaints from opposition United National Congress activists whose pages were taken down and are being asked to enter their ID numbers to be signed back on. Yet again another worrying action, as it does leave these activists to wonder if Ms Williams is sourcing ID information of UNC activists to again help the PNM government agents find the living location of these individuals. If that is the agenda, then people's lives are possibly endangered here.

8. We have also had posts removed simply because it was drawing high numbers and the political directorate felt it was making certain Facebook pages too popular, so they look for a loop hole and end up using Facebook rules against Facebook itself? Where PNM supporters are clearly advised to come together and complain in significant numbers to have posts unfairly removed. Even Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg has to be cognisant of the games people can play using Facebook's own rules. So it might then be prudent to reject certain requests, as it is often just politics and spite at play.

9. An inconsistency or disparity with posts reach vs number of views. The Boris Johnson Diwali greeting posted on the Braveboy Report page for instance says over 16,000 people reached, but only 655 people viewed it? This certainly leaves one to conclude that Ms Maxine Williams is again abusing her powers at Facebook to freeze or tamper with posts numbers, so as to give a false impression about the number of visits to certain pages and posts. Following Facebook pattern, there is no way a post shared 248 times, with a post reach of over 16,000 can yield 655 views. The views will be far greater in numbers.

10. We have also witnessed adjustment in post numbers. A post attracting over 200 posts within mere minutes of posting, is adjusted to a far lesser number when the page is refreshed.

Since receiving intelligence that Maxine Williams is working for the PNM government to frustrate the pages of those who dissent against the PNM government, we have been paying attention to many aspects of Facebook. We are certain, a check or investigation into Maxine's reckless and irresponsible behaviour, will prove us right. And should we also be concerned that Maxine may have also corrupted one or two other staff members to aid her political mischief at Facebook?

These are just a few of the irregularities being experienced on an ongoing basis in attempting to use Facebook.

We are calling therefore, for an investigation into this matter; as am sure Facebook would be able to access the history of these activities which is raising serious concern among those who wish to support the political party of their choice - and would be able to identify the source of these continuing punitive actions taken by the individual we have identified.

The fact that these posts which have been taken down - implementation of the 30-day Facebook ban on specific individuals used - sudden identification problems at Facebook with warning message re-impersonation; all these at a time when our twin-island state of Trinidad and Tobago faces LOCAL and GENERAL ELECTIONS becomes suspicious.

Added to this, there is an allegation surfacing among Online Journalists/bloggers and lawyers, that MAXINE WILLIAMS is serving as highly-placed person within Facebook and who has been paid to operate for and on behalf of the PNM as it relates to managing PNM opponents who use Facebook.

If this is allowed to continue, Facebook may well be accused of seeking to influence the outcome of elections in a Caribbean country. This we know, is not the intention of the Editor-In-Chief, Mark Zuckerberg and his Global Newsroom concept; hence in closing -- we reiterate our request for an investigation into the incidences related; and a curtailment of Ms. Williams's attempts at undermining the democratic process of elections in Trinidad and Tobago.

We recommend a complete refreshing of Facebook pages inside of Trinidad and Tobago, to rectify this issue, so that the pages of most affected persons can return to normal. 

SEE Links to just two of several affected Facebook pages: Braveboy Report fan page:
Marcia Braveboy public page: https://www.facebook.com/mbraveboy

Anna Moonsamy: https://www.facebook.com/anna.moonsammy.5

DISCLAIMER: This petition is done by online Journalist, Marcia Braveboy, seeking equity for T&T citizens who wants to be free to use Facebook to support the political party of their choice. This is NOT a United National Congress (UNC) petition.