Tell Facebook and Instagram to FREE HEMP and allow ads for the 100% Use Plant!

Tell Facebook and Instagram to FREE HEMP and allow ads for the 100% Use Plant!

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Evolution Mine started this petition to Founder and CEO at Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and

Industrial Hemp is a 100% use plant and Facebook Instagram is keeping from the public. Use of the word 'hemp' causes Facebook and Instagram to censor, close, and prohibit ads on ANYTHING MADE WITH INDUSTRIAL HEMP. Mark Zuckerberg, end the censorship of Industrial Hemp Products! 

What is the difference? 

Industrial Hemp by U.S. legal definition is Cannabis plant having less than .03% of THC. Industrial Hemp was legalized by President Trump in December 2018. NOTE: The legalization of Hemp does not make Marijuana legal. THC content of .03 or HIGHER is the defining factor. The psychoactive version of Hemp sold to get one “high” contains both CBD and THC the psychoactive element. NO, the CBD portion does not make the weed your growing or smoking legal on a Federal level. YET. Those forms of Hemp or Cannabis are still apart of Schedule 1 passed in 1970.

Confusing we know. The biggest challenge for consumers and small businesses has been separating products like CBD Oil, protein drinks, food, paper, clothing, and Marijuana. Small business has been suffering from credit card processors (merchant accounts) either being denied or charged higher rates. New state taxes and regulations created to manage the burgeoning industries are unforeseen costs and uncertainty to new and existing businesses.

Facebook and Instagram are confused. 

Facebook and Instagram are hurting Small Business, U.S. Farmers, and increasing the pain of the Trade War with China on American Consumers. By censoring Industrial Hemp products, Facebook is in effect killing American Industry. Every business needs advertising to succeed. Facebook and Instagram are in the way of a U.S. Manufacturing resurgence, a resurrection of the middle class, and women's equal rights. 

Industrial Hemp is used for more than CBD Oils, and Weed. Facebook and Instagram censors ads for small business selling:

  • Hemp Clothing
  • Hemp Paper
  • Hemp Cosmetics
  • Hemp Ropes
  • Hemp Twine
  • Hemp lotions

These products create jobs, not stoners. Advertising and sales mean a greater demand for hemp farms. Hemp farms help U.S. Farmers struggling under the new China Tariffs placed on crops like Soybeans. Hemp farms supply Hemp product companies. That means jobs in your community. 

America is small business. According to data from the Census Bureau's Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs, there were 5.6 million employer firms in the United States in 2016. Firms with fewer than 500 workers accounted for 99.7 percent of those businesses. (source: SBE Council)

Industrial Hemp is America. Companies such as Evolution Mine look to the next wave of consumer products to follow. In the growing trade war with China, imported Bamboo/Hemp/Flax products such as various types of plywood; doors; corks ; wicker and bamboo baskets, composites, yarn; fabrics; Man-made textiles: viscose; rayon; and Other textile products are now subject to an additional 10% Tariff imposed by Trump.

Trade Wars while harmful on Global economies, often create opportunities. Rising Tariffs in political tit for tat actions can create local supply chains. Industries that allow the U.S. to build a manufacturing industry that restores the ‘middle class’ currently in the abyss.

What do we stand to gain by demanding the end of censorship for Industrial Hemp Products? 

Industrial Hemp ushers in a new era of what we are calling “#ConsumerActivism.” By removing the consumer dollar from the “toxic circle”, an economy is built in parallel to the oil and coal based economy where two commodities become vulnerable moving from energy to consumer arenas.

Buying Industrial hemp products are a more viable and permanent option to boycotts and protests. Perhaps less romantic than the notion of public uprisings and anarchy in the streets; this is a plan for a peaceful shift of wealth and power. While as a society we are dependent on toxic commodities owned by the few our power as Citizens is capped at going against the hand that feeds us. It is time to build the demand for competitive, sustainable resources grown by all and the return of human evolution to the masses.

We as a society have the mechanisms and technologies in place to right this ship. Recreate the MMJ movement and power of the consumer dollar behind it and apply it to Hemp and Bamboo goods. We create options to the boycotts have teeth. We divest manufacturing from Wall Street. We kill fossil fuels inciting public greed. Lookup the Toxic Substances Act of 1976. Simply put it states the FDA must approve all chemicals used in both durable goods and consumers. COmpanies aren't telling. Hemp and Bamboo can compete simply by being transparent with ingredients, where the petrochemical counterparts are not.

These actions will unleash Toxic Torts and Injury Attorneys prompting class action suits and subsequently break the fossil fuel industry as a whole and cause a geopolitical realignment the world has never seen.

The way we see it we have a very small window to cause the shift. All societal and environmental issues are bringing things to a head. As Trump has shown us, in times of crisis the public will follow anyone with someone to blame that appeases the ego and a direction to go that will make their financial lives better.

We also have these qualities and I need people like you to help. You game?
Tell Facebook and Instagram to respect the rights of the Small Businesses that keep their company afloat and stop holding back a crop that can save U.S. Manufacturing, end homelessness, poverty, and equal rights. 

About Evolution Mine:

Eric Stevens is the COO of Evolution Mine. Evolution Mine is a Los Angeles based startup retailer specializing in the sale of hemp and bamboo products only. Our business model is unique and serves to build a bio based economy founded with hemp and bamboo. Our mission is to not only sell products, but build the supply chains and public support to create competitive commodities through women’s empowerment. Visit Evolution Mine for more about the concept. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!