social media to immediately remove videos displaying violence against children and animals

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I am calling on Facebook and other social media, to sensor and immediately remove any videos depicting violence against animals and children. I am specifically talking about the videos that people make and post, of themselves abusing, specifically to get a reaction, as this gives them the attention that they crave and in turn causes more abuse.  
This comes, after I came across a particularly vile video, on Facebook, of a terrified dog being severely abused. There was no warnings before this video and I now have an image in my head that I will never get rid of. It had already been shared 37000 times and I had to report it 3 times, before it was eventually taken down. But, even with a warning, these videos are still not acceptable. Facebook really needs to take some responsibility for these videos and I am calling on them to drastically improve on how they manage and remove unacceptable material, such as this. Social media is just creating a platform, an audience, where sick people want the shares and the likes, even the terrible comments! That is why they are doing this! If they didn’t have an audience, then perhaps half of these animals and children wouldn’t go through such painful and disgusting abuse. I call on the public to support me in this. Let’s do it for the helpless, tiny creatures and small children. Let’s be there voice and stand up and say, we will not tolerate social media accepting and normalising such videos to be made public. #StopTheAudience