Save The Giant Pandas and the Bamboo Forests

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By: Kevin Cleto

So the first thing that might come on your mind is “why should we care”.  There are a lot of reasons on why we should care about our giant pandas going extinct. The first reason why there going extinct is because of a lot of deforestation and poaching. The poaching made a lot of different types of Pandas go extinct which to date right now we only have about 2000 Pandas left on earth. Something kind of sad about this is the maybe the future generations wouldn't be able to see what any type of panda looks like other then pictures but pictures aren't any better than the real thing. So let me explain why we should save these pandas  

So something that is bad about not seeing the pandas is that they are very crucial for bamboo forest because, they help in many ways by spreading seeds around the bamboo forest and also by helping grow the vegetation grow more. So there very important to keep habitats okay and stuff. The main reason right now that they are losing their habitats also right now because the chinese population is growing so the citizens in china gotta take over the habitat of the giant pandas which lead to more deaths and less food for them and nowhere to live at.

It is also believed that in 80 years over 35% of the habitats where the giant pandas live will be eliminated which will only make the lasto 2060 pandas die faster it is also very hard at this point to regrow or repopulate the giant pandas again.

Another thing we should keep in mind is that not only are we losing our pandas and bamboo forest something bad is that, any other animals that live there will also die or have no shelter which will also lead to more extinct animals some of the animals that will be affected and some that are right now getting affected are Giant Pandas, Red Panda, Musk Deer, and dwarf blue sheep.  So if we can save the giant pandas and also the forest were basically stopping more animals from going extinct and making the world a sadder place if they all go extinct. If we don't save these animals and our Giant pandas we will never be able to take very cool photograph pictures of them. As I've said it will be pretty sad to not see anymore cool animals that live in the bamboo forest which makes me cry to this day. Of course there's ways to save the giant pandas and the other animals that live in the bamboo forest. As I have said like ten thousand times is that if we save the bamboo forests. We are saving all the other cool and helpful animals that might or are going into extinction as of right now which if we don't save them will only make it worse.

There are many ways to help these pandas and also all the other animals that live in the Bamboo Forests as I will explain here and as I've said they are very crucial to have in our world without any of the animals many food chains and systems would be affected big time. So a way we can help these animals is by first of all protecting their habitat which is the bamboo forest without the bamboo forest the giant pandas wouldn't be able to eat nor even have a home and the same thing goes to every other animal that lives there which will affect them too.  Another way we can help these animals is by having patrols watch the area of the forest from poachers and also logging so the giant pandas don't have to live without the thought of being poached. A way we can also stop these animals from going extinct and also the bamboo forest is by educating the people around them about how this is a problem and how this will affect them, that way the people know more about it and so they can be more motivated to help them. A way we can help the giant pandas is by making them corridors for the pandas to be able to migrate between their habitats and yeah.

These are all my reasonings and my opionions to why we should try our best to help out the Giant pandas and basically the Bamboo Forests as well. Saving the Giant pandas also is giving us benefits and we are not only saving the pandas we are also saving the other animals that live in the bamboo forests which is good since we are also stopping these animals from going into exticntion and also the ones that are close to extinction so thats pretty much all I have to say and why we should think more about helping these animals.