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Remove "Game Fit Working Dogs @GFWD.Official" page from Facebook for promoting dogfighting

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 “Game Fit Working Dogs - @GFWD.Official” is a page on Facebook which has been portrayed to look like an innocent group which promotes healthy working dogs. However, once delving into the page further, there are comments, links and photo’s which openly promote dog fighting as well as the upkeep, training and scores of the dogs involved.

They not only promote animal cruelty, having shared numerous videos showing footage of ‘testing’ dogs up against pigs/boars but they have also disguised the dogs’ fighting scores (wins/losses) with simple codes & abbreviations such as “3xW”.

Following the removal of a much larger but very similar (even the same name!) page we fear that this page will only grow into a new platform for such disgusting & illegal behaviour.

Photo’s show aggressive dogs kept on overly heavy chains which are apparently used to build up muscle and the dogs have many scars. Dogs, clearly having been given steroids, are admired and appreciated for their look and “willingness to fight”. Reading the comments and the driven aggression from the people keeping this page going is just heart breaking. With one man responding to a lady whom only showed concerns for the welfare of an animal - “(name) your a sick person that will pay for helping to spread lies” the same member also told someone to “enjoy hell its real and I have the keys”. The extreme hatred and expressed aggression from these humans involved is just horrific.

The page has been reported to Facebook by several people unsuccessfully. So we have now turned to a petition to get the page removed to prevent further promotion, exploitation and cruelty of this vile ‘sport’.

If you are not signing this for the poor dogs involved, then do it to stop the promotion of such cruelty to the boars/pigs involved as well. It is not a nice sight for anyone on Facebook to witness the brutal killing of these animals let alone younger people who also use the site.

Dog fighting is still happening in the world so whilst the battle continues to end it, we can EASILY act TODAY and get pages like this removed.

Please stand up with us, sign & share.


Thank you.

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