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Remove Anti-LGBT Hate Group NOM from Facebook

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We, the undersigned request that you, Mark Zuckerberg remove the so-called "National Organization for Marriage" from Facebook due to its violations of Facebook's terms of use, and due to its mean-spirited fanning of the flames of anti-LGBT bigotry across the nation. At a NOM-sponsored anti-gay hate rally in the Bronx in May, a preacher yelled through a megaphone at a mob of political gay-bashers that God says that homosexuals are "worthy to death." NOM then toured Iowa all summer, inciting to anti-gay discrimination and getting Republican presidential candidates, including Michele Bachmann to sign the malignantly anti-gay NOM pledge. Then in Bachmann's hometown, Waterloo, Iowa, the 19-year-old Marcellus Andrews was beaten to death by anti-gay bigots yelling "Faggot!" at him. NOM very militantly politicks against the teaching of acceptance values in the public schools; through that particular activity it contributes to the epidemic of gay teen suicides in America today. Whereas Facebook's Terms of Use state that a user will not do anything "misleading, malicious or discriminatory," NOM exists further to institutionalize discrimination against LGBT Americans. NOM uses its Facebook page to link to its NOM blog, which habitually publishes misleading and malicious falsehoods pertaining to homosexual human beings. We ask that you be aware in advance that NOM's leaders routinely engage in duplicitous defenses that attempt to hide their malicious intent towards gay human beings. For example, NOM leaders will state that their only concern is marriage laws, but then they will turn around and rail against the teaching of acceptance values in public schools. NOM is using its free page on Facebook to incite political gay-bashers to give NOM money. With all due respect, we assert that if you continue to give NOM this free fund-raising platform, the blood of gay-bashing victims as well as that of bullycide victims is dripping off of your fingers.

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