Protect Women on Facebook & Instagram

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Women have been harassed on social media platforms since their inception. 

We have had to learn to accept abuse and unsolicited pictures of mens’ genitalia in our inboxes.

But today, it is at an all-time high. And enough is enough.

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended life for billions all around the world — but It’s almost always the most vulnerable who suffer most in any crisis, and Covid-19 is no exception.

We’re seeing that gender-based violence and hate is rapidly increasing online.

Facebook and Instagram are increasingly not safe for women. 52% of young women and girls  said they personally had suffered online abuse, including threatening messages, sexual harassment and the sharing of private images without consent. 87% said they think the problem is getting worse. 

Frankly we think those numbers are low.

Men can freely use hate speech, particularly violent and threatening language towards women, and face little to no consequences. The methods for reporting this are blank forms and radio buttons. Almost universally with no real acknowledgment, automated “we are sorry” messages and next to no consequences. It’s not good enough. And we will no longer standby and accept a lack of action.

Sheryl, we ask that you implement the following:

1.    Allow for human reviews of inbox hate not AI

2.    Allow for human reviews of hate messages towards women

3.    Allow for screenshot reporting of inbox hate messages to human review

4.    Allow for human support for women who feel imminently threatened

5.    Introduce a 0.5% levy on advertisers targeting women to fund the protection of women on your platform.

We congratulate facebook for making $30,000,000 every day from ads targeting women. But more of that revenue needs to go back to protecting us on your platform.

Enough is enough.  Change the practices, or we vow to move to a platform that already exists- built by women, for women.