Facebook, let us promote our anti-tobacco movie Vape Wave

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Facebook, let us promote our anti-tobacco movie Vape Wave

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Jan Kounen needs your help.

He is in the promotion phase of my next movie "Vape Wave" and he needs to sponsor posts on his Facebook page, in order for the fans to see them. But Facebook censors him from investing in advertising, because his page is considered as promoting tobacco products. What a nonsense. In his film "Vape Wave", he is openly criticizing the tobacco industry and its lobbyists, showing how vaping has become one of their greatest risks. He is showing how we are being lied to. 

This is the letter Jan Kounen sent to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. To make his voice louder, I am publishing it here, hoping that you will be many to support him.

Facebook, please let us promote my anti-tobacco movie. 


From: Jan Kounen, Movie Director

To: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

Dear Mr Zuckerberg,

Facebook is a fantastic company that has a great humanistic policy and launched many initiatives, like internet.org, or like setting up your own restrictions on Ads. Therefore, you have banned all tobacco industry ads and I salute you for that. As you already know, in France, we have a similar law called Loi Evin that prohibits any kind of tobacco advertising in digital and traditional media. But Facebook did not need any government to dictate you that, it is just a question of good sense.

Facebook has also become a mandatory tool for documentary movie directors like me to engage with audiences around the topic of our next production called “Vape Wave” (www.facebook.com/vapewave). But today, I can't reach my audiences because of your tobacco-related censorship, although my next film is of course NOT promoting tobacco.

Actually in this film, I am openly criticizing the tobacco industry and its lobbyists that are quite efficiently and outrageously protecting themselves from any form of prejudice that their business could face in the future. And vaping has become one of their greatest risks. In this film, I will be showing how we are being lied to, about how vaping could be dangerous for health. There is no need to ban any pro-vape message, if you consider that vaping has actually been the most successful solution in history to quit smoking! Many smokers’ lives can be saved if they get the right information.

I have been working with my producers and communication teams to implement a Facebook campaign on your Facebook Business Ads Manager to promote this matter to the public. But all our attempts to create campaigns were rejected because of your policies.

So, here is my request to you: can you change this rejection and allow us to spend money through Facebook to reach our audiences?

While the tobacco industry keeps consumers away from vaping, they are saving their benefits and are causing the death of people every minute.

We thank you for your help, and hope that we can work on changing the world for the best together.

Best regards,

Jan Kounen


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Cette pétition avait 3 726 signataires

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