Facebook Fix Your Fake News Problem

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Stop letting fake news stories masquerade as real stories.

In this election we saw our Facebook feeds filled with fake news stories. We saw many of our friends fall for these stories and we saw people's view of the election candidates change based on these fabricated stories.

Fake news sites changed the election and have change the world for the worse. This is the tip of the iceberg and it will get much worse if nothing is done.

Facebook has a duty to fix its news problem. 

We are not talking about biased news stories or satirical news sites like The Onion. Rather we are talking about websites filling our Facebook feeds with entirely fake stories just to outrage readers and getting them to click through to the website and share the stories. The site owners are making a killing off of the ads and pushing their political agenda through lies.

No matter where people are on the political spectrum, people don't want to be duped by fake stories.

Facebook needs to create a system to ban, flag, or highlight these websites and stories with a disclaimer. 

Facebook, stop hiding behind freedom of speech. Because freedom of speech is a right and rights come with responsibility.

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