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Don't leave us stranded! Restore the X1 bus to its former route.

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We are asking for justice. Until 3rd September 2017 the X1 bus went every 30 minutes from Tavistock to Plymouth city centre via Tavistock Road, Central Park, Argyle FC and the train station. The new route now misses out all of these stops and goes with several other buses via the hospital and Mutley Plain and takes longer. Residents on Derriford estate have no direct service to the Park and Ride, Yelverton and Tavistock.This rerouting of the service has left a large section of the community, who used the X1, stranded and we are asking for its return.

From the Derriford estate the nearest bus stop is 20 - 40 minutes walk away depending on where you live on the estate. This extra walking distance presents real problems for people especially since it is hilly here. This is not a reasonable walking distance as claimed by Stagecoach. Generally it is accepted that bus stops should be located within 400 metres of people's homes, on average a 9 minute walk, to be able to offer  a reasonable bus service.

Alongside us the people from Tavistock, Grenofen, Horrabridge and Yelverton no longer have the direct bus to the Life centre, supermarkets, Argyle FC and the train station. Many people have been unable to lead their normal lives.

Jill's son needs to use the bus daily for work; he is not a car driver.

Sarah's journey to work can now take up to 30 minutes longer and this means a lot when you only have 45 minutes with your child at the end of the day.

Ryan is a wheelchair user, he uses the bus daily and regularly supported Plymouth Argyle FC. Now he can do neither without significant changes to his care package and added financial cost.

Brenda, an 80 year old lady, managed to get to the bus stop by resting halfway but the walk to the new stop is impossible. She is becoming isolated.

Marie in Derriford cannot get to her weekly physiotherapy sessions in Tavistock unless she first catches taxis to and from the new bus stops.

Sal is finding the extra walk with a young daughter in a pushchair and shopping too stressful.

Mike and Sue run a guest house in Tavistock and depend on the direct bus link to the Railway station for their guests.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. They represent entire communities of people along the former X! route who are now left stranded or severely inconvenienced by the changes.

Please sign our petition and help us get back to our normal lives

Thank you so much




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