Justice for 3-year-old Cheryl Grimmer

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Justice for Cheryl Grimmer:

The confession to her murder must be heard in court
There is community outrage and disgust within Australia and the United Kingdom, as a confessed child killer walks free without facing trial. The New South Wales justice system has failed.

In January 1970 our 3-year-old sister Cheryl Grimmer disappeared from a beach in
Wollongong, NSW. The following year, a person confessed to NSW police that he had abducted and murdered Cheryl. This person, who cannot be named as he was aged 17 at the time of his confession, stated that his intention was to rape her.
In a pre-trial hearing earlier this year, the confession was ruled inadmissible by the NSW Supreme Court because the accused had no adult support present during the 1971 police interview. At the time this was not a legal requirement and current legislation does not necessitate that adult support had to be present for the interview to be admissible. Nonetheless, the confession was ruled inadmissible at the judge’s discretion, despite the fact that the details within it have been corroborated by NSW police.

My brothers and I have endured a life sentence wondering what happened to Cheryl,
suffering with the guilt of knowing that we left her alone for just a couple of minutes on that day in 1970. Cheryl had no adult support present when, according to this man’s confession, he took her, tied her up and strangled her. Cheryl never got to live her life but he continues to walk free.

I call upon NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman to bring this confessed pedophile and murderer to justice. If needs be, NSW legislation must be amended so that his confession can be heard by a jury.

Thank you for your overwhelming support and comforting words from across Australia and the United Kingdom, as we seek justice for our baby sister Cheryl.