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Save The Australian Brumbies

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The suggestion to wipe out 95% of the Australian Brumbies is deplorable, its time to all take a stand in this before a needless blood is shed. Please read.

This is in response to the proposal to cull our Brumbies reported by ABC News and Womans Weekly to take place in the Kosciuszko National Park, if Parks and wildlife get their way!

The area discussed is 1.7 Million acres with supposedly 6,000 Brumbies (that is 1 to every 283 acres).

I am afraid there will be a repeat of the massacre of the year 2000, they were supposed to have 300, but turned out to be a lot less than 100. These Brumbies were shot from the air in their spine to disable them and left to die, taking up to 10 days, little foals left to starve to death. This was ordered by an ignorant and arrogant staff member of Parks and Wildlife who should be still in jail for animal cruelty.

Currently, they are putting out salt blocks in the yards to lure the horses in, naturally the quiet ones with the trusting natures will be the first to be shot. The rogue ones will be left to breed, and inbreed. The people who organise these cullings have no idea of the consequences of their actions.

In the Womans Weekly article, a woman who claims to be environmentalist openly admits we have 850 different plants and beautiful cascading waterfalls where the Brumbies have run in the park for over 200 years and it's obvious that they haven't done any damage as yet.

The grazing Brumby does not harm wildlife, but pigs, foxes, wild dogs and cat decimate them. Pigs will directly and severely impact the fauna, flora and our waterways - Brumbies will not. It's time she was shown the difference between a Brumby and a pig.

As for their reference for finding lost or injured bushwalkers with drones - get real, drones fly above the tree canopy, injured or lost bushwalkers walk would be below the tree canopy. The drones can't carry anyone out, but a horseman can.

Their decisions will impact tourism to the area. Thousands yearly travel from around Australia to see the Brumbies - myself included.

An environmentalist of the Park has given numbers of the destroyed feral animals from the park, 934 deer, 1850 pigs, 846 goats, 251 cats, 2037 foxes and 1377 wild dogs these are but a minority of the overall populations of these feral animals in this area - feral animal that cause far more extensive damage to both flora and fauna. These animals are far more prolific breeders than brumbies. Remember we are talking about 1.7 million acres of bush land.

There was no mention of the thousands of rabbits that have invaded the park, digging holes and causing erosion. No mention of all the introduced noxious weeds rapidly taking over all parks in the country, just to mention a few Lantana, Blackberry, African olive, Patterson's curse, Crofton weed and Green Cestrum that are spreading and damaging our parks. They are doing more damage in one year than the Brumbies could do in 50 years.

Since the Cattle have been banished from the parks in the summer months who help keep the grass under control, there has been a build-up of dry matter called fire fuel. Which the graziers took care of for over 200 years and the Indigenous Peoples before them. Once a fire starts it is like a raging inferno with no stopping it.

Since Parks and Wildlife have taken over the control we have seen the worst bush fires since European settlement. Houses burnt to the ground, Livestock destroyed, Livelihoods lost, Firefighters lives put at risk, house insurance doubled.

The thousands of acres of beautiful mountain ash trees along with all the fauna and flora destroyed. Native trees hundreds of years old that would have survived many bush fires in their time, the Brumbies haven't caused any of this - but parks and wildlife are responsible for a lot of it.

It's fortunate we do have a few environmentalists who have knowledge of horses, property management and most of all common sense, unfortunately, they are the minority. We have got to get behind these people and support them. The Parks are owned by the residents of Australia not Parks and Wildlife employees.


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