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Save ABC Ramp Up!

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Preserve the ABC Ramp Up website. The only consistent voice for people with disability in the mainstream media.

People with Disability Australia (PWDA) calls on the ABC and the Federal Government to preserve the ABC Ramp Up website which is the only consistent voice for people with disability in the mainstream media.  Cuts in the 2014 Federal Budget mean the ABC will see the cessation of funding for the online disability website, ABC Ramp Up by the end of this financial year (June 2014). 

Failing funding from the Federal Government, we call on the ABC to continue to provide a voice for people with disability through the national broadcaster – a task consistent with its charter which includes a remit to reflect the diversity of the Australian community who fund the ABC from public money.  

People with disability are around 20% of the community and deserve a voice in our ABC.  Since its launch in 2010, the ABC Ramp Up website and its editor Stella Young have been a sparking, vibrant and refreshing voice for disability in a media landscape devoid of genuine disability voices.  It has told stories with power, empathy and compassion and has enabled a stable of growing young writers with disability to develop their passion for writing. 

In a Budget where the Government is asking young people with disability to learn and earn, it is wrong to take away this modest initiative which is the sole chance for emerging writers with disability to be published and to grow.  ABC Ramp Up also provides a vocal platform for people with disability, at a time when Government has indicated that it will be merging discrimination commissioners at the Australian Human Rights Commission. 

We still have a long way to go until attitudes change and people with disability are portrayed in the media as full people deserving a fair go.  This petition is brought to you by People with Disability Australia – join us now to ensure that our voice doesn’t disappear entirely. Membership is online, easy and free.  

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