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Stop Abusing Animals for Entertainment at the Colorado Renaissance Festival

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Have you had the chance to enjoy the Endangered Cat Show at the Colorado Renaissance Festival? Sounds thrilling, until you hear that the man running the show, Craig Wagner of Great Cats World Park, has been convicted on numerous counts of horrendous animal-cruelty charges including not feeding or watering animals for days at a time and, in one instance, beating a tiger with a two-by-four because the starving cat had killed a leopard to eat it. And those are just the charges in Wisconsin. After fleeing WI to avoid additional charges Craig Wagner set up the "Center for Endangered Cats" in Minnesota. In one report, a news correspondent in Minnesota detailed death and malnourishment at Craig's business. Five cats were found dead and 14 were so severely malnourished that a volunteer called them fur-covered skeletons. To once again run from a tarnished image, Wagner moved his cats to Oregon and set up Great Cats World Park, the company responsible for the cat show at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.  Even without knowing how the animals are treated that are forced to perform at the Renaissance Festival, it is high time that we jump on the bandwagon of banning animals for entertainment in circuses, festivals, county fairs etc. 

Another attraction at the Colorado Renaissance Festival is an opportunity to ride an elephant. An elephant that provides a couple rides for visitors has spent hundreds of hours cramped in tiny boxes waiting for their turn to get out so they can walk in circles for hours on end. Additionally, to get these animals to behave they are routinely subjected to being hit and poked with bull horns and zapped with electric shockers. As much as elephant trainers say that it is not the norm to abuse elephants into submission, videos from animal advocates the world over prove that abuse is a widespread, common training method to get these gentle giants to do what we want. 

Riding elephants? An exotic cat show? How is this tied to the Renaissance period and how, in the 21st century, are we allowing animal abuse for the entertainment of people enjoying "steak on a stake?" If the animals act out in protest of their treatment, they are killed. Please join me in acting out for them and petitioning state representatives to stop allowing exotic animal abuse at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. 

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