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Open 24 hour handicap accessible toilets for downtown Santa Cruz

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Last December, the city of Santa Cruz closed it’s pilot 24 hour bathroom program at a downtown parking garage. While the program was intended to last a year, repeated expenditures of public money due to police calls and two incidents of vandalism led the Department of Public Works to end any-hour bathroom access three months early.
Since the closure of the bathroom, people in downtown Santa Cruz after hours have had nowhere private to use the toilet except for a single Port-o-Potty at the corner of Front and Laurel. This same toilet has required replacement 5 times over the past year, costing the city still more money.
Clearly, providing bathroom facilities for people downtown - including tourists, late night workers and revelers, and people living unhoused - is difficult and can be expensive, but it is necessary. No facilities at all means that folks are forced to relieve themselves in out of the way spots like the levee or areas behind downtown businesses. The smells and health hazards presented by this behavior must be fixed. 
To deal with this issue, we submit this petition that the city of Santa Cruz designate the public bathrooms at City Hall on Church Street 24 hour restrooms, to provide all hours, handicap-accessible toilets to people downtown.
Why City Hall?
1. the bathroom is centrally located.
2. City Hall is afforded 24 hour supervision by First Alarm private security guards, meaning no new costs from additional police patrols or guard hires would be necessary to monitor the use of the restrooms.
3. Publicly accessible restrooms downtown (including those in the library across from City Hall) already fill a daytime need for facilities, which makes it unlikely that City Hall will receive any new influx of visitors during regular daytime operations.
4. Visitors to our city will have a chance to admire the Mission-style architecture, photovoltaic-panel parking shades, and beautiful new drought-tolerant landscaping at our center of government if they visit its toilet facilities.
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