Save Crisis on Earth One, Arrowverse Fan Game

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In 2016 a Man who goes by the internet name of Tecosaurus decided that he would create a game that celebrated the CW's DC universe, also known as the Arowverse. He dedicated roughly 2 and a half years of his life to the production of this game and worked for free to fulfil his dream, but he was not the only one, he had a team of helpers who shared his passion to interact with the Arrowverse and helped bring it to life through countless hours of work. They did not accept any money for their game in order to best comply with your legal standards while still being able to fulfil his ideas. Tecosaurus and his team were drawing near the end of the production phase of the game and were ready to share their creation with the world when they were slammed with a cease and desist letter ordering them to destroy every copy of the game they had dedicated 2 and a half years of their lives to craft. Tecosaurus released a video informing everyone of this recent development and sounded considerably torn up about the whole situation. This petition is to ask DC to please either allow Tecosaurus and his team release their game independently or partner with the team to make this highly anticipated game truly something to be remembered fondly. Thank you for your time.


Tecosaurus' release trailer for the game:

Tecosaurus announcing the cancelation of his game: