Action for Aishwarya Aswath

Action for Aishwarya Aswath

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Why this petition matters

My daughter Aishwarya was a vibrant enthusiastic and happy child. On 3 April 2021 we took her to Perth Children's Hospital because she was running a temperature. A few hours later she had passed away. She was seven years old. The reasons for her passing are varied but the chief among them is a systemic failure of the WA Health processes. An external inquiry is examining the issues that led to her death.

Since Aishwarya's death we have been inundated with other cases of similar neglect and poor service that have resulted in further damage to our children. However, we, as a family, are looking to change the WA Health system. To do this we call on the WA Premier to undertake the following actions:

* The resignation of the Health Minister Roger Cook

* The resignation of All Medical Professionals involved in the event on April 3rd 2021 involving Aishwarya.

*The resignation of Dr Aresh Anwar, the CEO of the Children and Adolescents Health Services

*Changes to the health system that modify the existing practices to be more cognisant of parental concerns

*Systemic changes to all aspects of patient care to be more inclusive

Aishwarya's death must not be in vain.


This petition was originally started by a concerned West Australian who passed it on to Aishwarya's father to continue the campaign. See original text:

Aishwarya’s parents rushed her into the emergency department at Perth Children’s hospital with a fever, but she died after a two-hour wait in the ED despite her parents pleading multiple times for help.

Heath Minister Roger Cook today said it appeared Aishwarya's condition was "overlooked" at the hospital.

This is beyond unacceptable. WA has a massive surplus, so there is absolutely no excuse for hospitals being underfunded. 

West Australians expect more from our leaders than just excuses and ‘sorry’. No family should ever have to go through this. 

I am asking for everyone to sign this petition to show a united front and show leaders that West Australians expect considerably better from our public hospitals and staff. 


34,671 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!