STOP this animal saleyard hell

STOP this animal saleyard hell

30 June 2021
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Mark Furner QLD Minister for Agriculture
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Why this petition matters

Started by Farm Animal Rescue

Animals face sickening neglect and rough treatment at the weekly Pig & Calf sales at McDougalls saleyards in Warwick, Queensland.

There is too much wrong with this saleyard, with respect to the crumbling infrastructure, insufficient facilities and indifferent management. It's time to end this horror by closing down McDougall's saleyards.

On any day it is likely that you will witness animals stuffed into bags, frail bodies ripped from cages, and animals panting in relentless Queensland heat with no cooling or water. Animals crammed into tiny pens fight with other consignments while sick and injured animals are processed for sale against the rules.

Frightened and confused animals are abused at this dilapidated sale yard week after week. Cruelty and violence prevail. Our researchers have witnessed:

* Transportation violations
* No water, even on scorching 39 degree days
* No fans or insulation to protect animals from heat
* Rough handling of birds likely resulting in broken bones
* Starved, sick and injured animals being processed for sale
* Animals suffering heat stress left untreated
* Mixing of consignments leading to bullying and injury
* Dangerous confinement systems that are not fit for purpose
* Over-populated pens and cages

Queensland has adopted the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals at saleyards, edition 31, as a mandatory code. This facility is guilty of multiple violations of the code.

1. There is no provision for spray cooling of pigs (section 5.1)
2. Pigs are left in vehicles for extended periods of time (section 5.1)
3. Pigs are placed in situations where fighting occurs with unfamiliar animals (section 5.1)
4. Pigs are not provided with cool water at all times (section 5.1)
5. Diseased, sick, injured and drought-stricken animals are "processed" contrary to section 1 of the code
6. There are insufficient facilities to ensure that different consignments aren't mixed (section 3.3)
7. Mature intact males are not separated from other animals (section 4.3)

Evidence depicts consistent and overt animal cruelty and a gross failure of duty of care. Evidence depicts consistent breaches of Animal Care & Protection Act objectives. We do not accept that it is possible for this saleyard to rectify this substantial number of problems.

We call on Queensland Minister for Agriculture Industry Development and Fisheries to stop this animal hell by closing the McDougall saleyard down immediately and stop forcing animals into this antiquated, inadequate and cruel facility.

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Signatures: 29,200Next goal: 35,000
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