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Leave GPs and Practices Alone

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I am a little annoyed at the comment that our new MP Theresa May made about our hardworking and committed GPs saying basically "Step up or loose your Funding", a " Put up or shut up attitude..Well not acceptable.

I have been a recent Kidney Donor to my Brother in law and only in Nov 15 my step daughter donated to my wife her kidney. I can safely say without my GPs help for aftercare I would not have managed. They are open 5 days a week on call 7 days a week open till 6.30pm each evening bar Wednesday yet this women leading our country wants them to open longer do more and support patients and the funny thing is all for the same salary.....Not acceptable.

My practice at Frog Lane in Wigan is run and managed by amazing staff, management and GPs headed up by Dr Hosie, they go out of there way to help and book you in at short notice where possible. I have recently wrote to Theresa May and my MP Lisa Nandy to action this and challenged her as to why she said this in my eyes unprofessional statement.

There are bigger issues to tackle like fine tuning benefits system and stopping handouts to keep people at home get people off the behinds and into work not cutting budgets for GPs and again letting us the tax payer suffer.

Now I know you all may have mixed experiences about this and your GPs but I want you to sign this petition regardless of where you are in the U.K if you are happy with your surgery as I am. We can't have a so called working class women making judgement on people that in my eyes work dammed hard.


Thank you for your support


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