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Allow Second life avatars to have a Facebook page

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  Second life is a virtual world, with thousands of real people behind the screens using it daily. Some people own and operate clothing business for the Second Life avatar, and to the outsider this may look like a video game with fashion for video game charachters, I can assure you that It's not that way in the virtual world. We as fashion designers of Second Life, put our real life time and real life efforts into our business and we collect real life funds.

  Recently I've seen a Second life designer, who took her creations into the real world and designed some wings for Victoria's Secret. There is a whole world of designers who use Second life as their tool of business, and Facebook to advertise to the Second life consumers. If Linden Labs can recognize linden currency with a world currency value , then we should be recognized as using our Second Life names as our "Stage names" 

   As you well know Mark Zuckerberg, your team continuously shuts down our facebook pages, because we don't put our real life imformations. As far as that goes, it's a virtual world and these people don't need to know our real life name & address & phone number etc. Recently the transgender community was allowed to keep their stage names on their Facebook.

  So we ask this of you to keep our Second Life names, as our names and STOP deleting our accounts. It's a real life business, complete with real life tax payments. Yes. It may seem to some like a game, but as far as our government is concerned--be it the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the Canada Revenue Agency or any other--money you make as an entrepreneur in Second Life or any other virtual world or online game is fully taxable. If the US Government can recognize this as a legitimate business, then you can recognize our avatars and let us advertise using Facebook. With our Avatar names. It's a huge community, of many walks of life. It isnt by any means a "game."

  We are clothing designers & we ask for rights to conduct our advertising in Facebook.

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