Help Save My Uncles Life, He Needs A LVAD Pump!

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Earl Yearwood aka Frankie has been messed around he was sent from Cardiff to Birmingham for this LVAD device to be fitted. Please google it it's a pump that supports the heart, he would have to wear a belt bag with batteries in at all times. Here is a users story that has a lot of similarities to Frankie Frankie has been diagnosed with arrhythmias, and heart failiour. Whilst at Birmingham he was put on heart transplant list for a month but taken off because of high pulmory pressures in his heart and lungs. So they want to fit the LVAD pump instead. This pump will save Frankies life. It's a device that supports the heart and pumps blood into the left ventricular it basically acts like a heart he will have to wear a belt bag with batteries and stay charged at all times but people have been known to live at least an extra ten years with this pump. Without any action both hospitals have said he will die fairly soon. The injustice is Frankie was sent from a hospital in Wales for further assessment and open heart surgery at the Queen Elisabeth in Birmingham. They have the pump there ready to fit it then they were told at the last minute that the Welsh have refused to fund either operation. Frankie was then sent back to hospital in Wales and since then has been refused twice more! The consultants from both hospitals are still in communication and appealing to the Welsh healthcare commissioners for the funding. We want Frankies case to gain as much exposure as possible. If Frankie lived in England funding would not be an issue he would have the operation

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