Put Care Back in Place to Support My 16yrs Old Disabled Son Luke Lucignoli Stay At Home.

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I am very lucky to have my disabled son Luke at home with me however am now forced to privately fundraise to enable me to employ carers to keep Luke at home as he needs 2-1 care at times, and I too need help caring for Luke due to my physical disabilities. I have followed all correct procedures to get the support that is needed but now need to appeal to the public to ensure I don't have to lose Luke into care. A care package identifying Luke has 2-1 care needs for most things was identified and accepted as needed first in 2010 after Luke's first brain surgery, (7 so far),by an independent head of social services, and then by a high court judge in 2013 and was temporarily in place however since Nov 2015 I have had virtually no support from the local authority.  This has affected my own health and I am still having to put my own health needs on hold.  I have to pay private carers to even bath my son and allow him to socialise! I simply want to keep my son at home but need hands on help from carers to give Luke the chance to live as normal a life as possible at home with his mum, extended family and many friends, reach his full potential in his own home and community, with all who know and love Luke. Please sign and join me to fight for support to be put in place for Luke to remain at home.