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George Floyd was murdered by 4 Minneapolis,  MN police officers. These 4 officers were begged by Mr.  Floyd for water and air. While 3 officers held him down, one with a knee on Mr. Floyd's neck, he passed away due to lack of oxygen intake. 

These officers were simply fired from the department. Where are the murder charges? It is very clearly on film from multiple angles. There is no question of what happened! Why were these officers simply free to go home? They should have been led to a cell for murder! 

What the public is asking is that these officers are held accountable for the murder of George Floyd. He couldnt go home to his family. These officers shouldn't be able to either. Please do what is right and take these 4 officers in, and find them guilty of murder. Mr. Floyd's family deserves this justice! Mt. Floyd deserves this justice. The public deserves to see justice in action, not racism and hatred. This death was so completely unnecessary! Hold those 4 officers who are responsible for his death fave justice. Just because you are a police officer shouldn't be a "get out of justice" card. 

This needs to be taken to the highest level that it can be, so that justice can be reached. Our hearts go out to the Floyd family tonight!