Change 142nd Street Dog Park hours to 7am-9pm

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The 142nd Street Dog Park has been building a Community encompassing every type of resident of the Hamilton Heights neighborhood for the last two years. We volunteer together, working with supplies donated by the Parks Department to keep the Park as clean and dog-friendly as possible. And every so often we meet for coffee or Brunch to discuss current and future plans for the Park. Lots of our dogs have grown up together and see the park as a home-away-from-home, their Play Group where they see friends, learn manners and socialize with other dogs and owners.  We are a Community of friends, families and well wishers.

Due to opposition from the Residential building directly across the street, the park is now observing the hours of 8am-Dusk. Their complaints (of noise, dust, and smell) which to our knowledge have not been unequivocally proven by either audio or video tape evidence or by a log of 311 disturbance calls, have resulted in the Park being the ONLY Park on Riverside with hours. 8am is too late for anyone who works Standard hours and Dusk falls at around 5:30pm in Fall and Winter, making the Park, for all intents and purposes, unusable.

Whereas, the Park had been in consideration for Capital Improvements during the 2018 Fiscal Year, it is no longer because of this opposition. We are now in an uphill battle to keep the Dog Park open. Hamilton Heights residents have come to depend on the 142nd Street Dog Park and their quality of life would be very definitely negatively impacted by its closure. One park goer said her dog ‘will only ‘go’ in the Park’ but now with the new hours she’ll be forced to teach the dog to go on concrete instead. Encouraging dog owners to use the park means less opportunity for ‘waste’ on our sidewalks, so that the lives of ALL Hamilton Heights Residents will be negatively impacted by its closure, as well.

 There is not another Dog Park for 26 blocks going North or 37 blocks going South. There is clearly a need for a Dog Park on this 60 block segment of Riverside, but the resources and attention that have been given are modest and now this very small Oasis is threatened with closure after two short years. There simply MUST be another solution other than allowing a few residents of ONE building to dictate the hours of the ONLY Dog Park for 63 blocks.

THE USERS OF THE 142ND STREET DOG PARK WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST A HEARING , OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, WHERE WE CAN DEMONSTRATE OUR SUPPORT, DISCUSS OUR CONCERNS AND RECEIVE CLARITY ON THE PROPOSED FUTURE OF THIS DOG PARK. In the interim, we request the posted hours be extended to 7am-9pm so as to allow the majority of working people in Hamilton Heights, who own dogs, the opportunity to actually make use of the dog park.

Please sign this petition to keep the 142nd Street Dog Park open during hours that work for EVERYONE in Hamilton Heights, not just the few!!! Please forward this link to any Hamilton Heights Reisdent that you know! This is a QUALITY OF LIFE issue. We cannot afford  to let our ZIP CODE be overlooked. We deserve nice facilities such as Dog Parks just like every other neighborhood!

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