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Mark D'Antonio: Don't Charge Joe Torrez with Murder for Defending His Family

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In the early morning of January 1, 2014, my brother Joseph Luis Torrez, along with his fiancé, two year old son and three female friends, was a victim of a violent home invasion by four intruders, some of whom were armed or armed themselves after entering the residence. They explicitly threatened to kill him and his two year old son.

In fear of his life and the lives of his family, Joe fought back against all four intruders. Regretfully, one intruder lost his life and another suffered serious facial injuries in the ensuing life or death struggle.

Criminal charges have been filed against the two surviving intruders and charges are expected to be filed on third intruder once he is released from the hospital. Joe suffered some injuries, but is alive! There is no telling what might of happened if Joe had not fought back.

Joe Torrez might be facing charges for the murder of one intruder because he indeed is a MMA fighter. This petition was started because a man had to make the decision to either be killed along with his wife and two year old son or fight with everything he gots to protect the family he has worked hard for. No one should be afraid to defend yourself or loved ones from those who are trying to cause harm.

Every American has the right to protect their home and family. Please help support Joe Torrez.

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