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Withdraw the Proposed Seasonal Burn Ban (R307-302)

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Governor Herbert and the Utah Department of Environment Quality have proposed a ban on all solid burning sources for the seven counties along the Wasatch Front. This ban would take place from November 1st to March 15th. Shortly after this announcement the EAP declared that Utah’s air was within the standards it had set.

It is true that some areas do have poor quality during the inversions but a complete ban on wood burning stoves is not the solution. Wood burning only contributes to about 4% according to the Department of Air Quality. Time and resources should be used towards larger contributors of the poor air quality. Why go after the individuals when the largest contributors to the pollution are not challenged first?
The financial and economic issues on this ban should be considered as well. Most families use wood stoves as their primary source of heat. It would take a significant amount of money to convert to another heat source or use natural gas and propane. It would also cost a significant amount to use it compared to fire wood. This ban would increase the use of natural gases, thus increasing the demand on the refineries to produce more and contribute more pollution to the environment. Wood burners pay to help clean up the dead fall in the forests. This would be a loss to the forest service and forest's eco system.

There are already regulations in place to help with the air quality during the inversions. Resources should be used to continue to promote and refine this. Some of the current monitoring stations are not adequately placed to give a true representation of the area. For example, the Box Elder County’s station is in the center of Brigham City, which does not give a true representation of such areas as Plymouth and Fielding, 30 plus miles away and in a completely different environment.

This is not just a 7 county issue but a state issue. The ban would have to start somewhere but where it ends is anyone’s guess. If you do not have a wood burning fireplace please consider the practical use of our tax dollars and state resources. Should they be used to go after the 4% or to go after bigger contributors?

Please sign the petition asking DEQ to withdraw the proposed burning ban.


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