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Keep K9 Rumba at Home

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            For the past thirty years, our father, Officer Peter Neal, has been a police officer for the Cambridge Police Department. He has made the difficult decision to retire in January of 2017 after years of hard work. He has been a bomb technician for the last six years and for three of those years, has been assigned Rumba as his canine partner. They have spent almost everyday together for the past three years and have created a special bond with one another. It is truly something you have to see to believe. The connections that exist between canines and their handlers are unique and they should not be broken. Rumba is only four years old and because of his young age, has been denied retirement with our father. Instead, he will be passed onto the next bomb technician in line waiting for a canine. Traditionally, when a canine handler retires, they are able to “buy” their canine for $1. It is common practice for cities surrounding Cambridge, such as Boston. This option has not been made available to our father whatsoever. He has made numerous attempts to try to keep Rumba with him but has been denied time and time again. He even offered to pay whatever the expenses for purchasing a new canine to no avail.

            The relationship that exists between the two is incredible and it seems cruel to break them apart after being together for so long. What should be a happy time in our father's life is actually going to be heartbreaking. It doesn’t seem fair to either of them. It is not only our father who will be affected by these unfair practices either. Another bomb technician of the Cambridge Police Department will share the same fate when he has his dog taken away in a few months when he also retires. Our family loves him very much and are not going to give him up that easy. Hopefully with enough people’s support we can make this right.  

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