Seek Discussion with Australian Federal Government to review Torres Strait Treaty

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China has just signed a MOU with PNG to build a $200m fishing facility on Daru Island.

It is imperative that Torres Strait Islander leaders discuss this issue with Australian Federal Government and the Minister for Foreign Affairs- Marise Payne, to review the Torres Strait Treaty, which allows PNG Nationals to fish in Australian waters. 
Daru Island is the closest PNG island to Australia, and only on the doorstep of the Torres Strait.

Torres Strait Islanders hold grave concerns and are anxious for their jobs, livelihoods, families, communities and culture, and believe the $200m Chinese facility will “vacuum” all of the seafood, destroy their fisheries industry and run dry environmental resources.

Torres Shire Mayor Vonda Malone:

“We have to stand up and voice our concerns about it, because it will be on our doorstep. It will affect our communities, our people, our families, our resources”

“We are dealing with a country that does not have the same values as us”


There are concerns as to why China is investing so much money into a fisheries facility located in an area that has few fish, and many are not convinced this facility will be used entirely for said purpose.

How will small fisheries compare to a multi-million dollar facility, it will not be sustainable, and will be highly likely that China will take advantage of the Torres Strait Treaty to fish within Australian waters.


AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MUST LISTEN TO TORRES STRAIT LEADERS- give back authority, and provide protection, so that Chinese facility cannot gain access to Australian waters, if or when it moves in.