Please make a Special Edition DVD and Blu-Ray for the "Super Mario Bros." movie

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In May 1993, Hollywood Pictures released the movie "Super Mario Bros.", which was based on the video game franchise by Nintendo.  Since the film did not really resemble the video games, film critics and most Mario fans didn't like the film and it was a box office bomb.  However, there are many fans who do like the Mario Bros. movie and it has since become a cult classic with a following of its own.  While it's too late for a 25th anniversary release, we, the fans, would like to see the film get a Special Edition release on DVD and Blu-Ray in the near future with the following suggestions for what could be included for its bonus features:

- New interviews with the cast and crew

- New audio commentaries from crew members and cast members like John Leguizamo (Luigi Mario) and Samantha Mathis (Princess Daisy)

- Isolated music-only commentary of the film's score by Alan Silvestri (similar to the music-only audio of Danny Elfman's score in the DVD release of "Beetlejuice")

- Any old or new behind-the-scenes specials talking about the making of the movie

- Bloopers/outtakes

- Deleted scenes

- Production stills

- Theatrical trailers and TV spots, including the TV commercials for the "Super Mario Bros." movie toys

- A new special remembering Bob Hoskins (Mario Mario) and Dennis Hopper (King Koopa)

- The music video for "Almost Unreal" by Roxette