Mario and Luigi Partners in Time Deserves to be Remade Next

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Nintendo has remade the 1st Mario and Luigi game, Superstar Saga, and now they've announce a remake of the 3rd Mario and Luigi game, Bowser's Inside Story. I think it's unfair that they skipped remaking the 2nd Mario and Luigi game, Partners in Time. I think Nintendo should remake the game or at least give us word as to whether or not they intend to remake Partners in Time after Bowser's Inside Story.

I understand why Bowser's Inside Story would be remade after Superstar Saga since it is more of a direct sequel since one of Superstar Saga's main villains returns as the main villain of Bowser's Inside Story, but despite not remaking them in chronological production order, remaking Partners in Time after Bowser's Inside Story still would work out storywise since it's its own separate story. Partners in Time was critically acclaimed (an 8-9/10 average) and it has many fans who love or at least like the game who would like to see it remade like its predecessor and successor. People seem to criticize its use of Bros Items instead of Bros Points like in other Mario and Luigi games, so this remake gives the opportunity to give what fans of the series want with a Mario and Luigi game by having the Partners in Time remake use Bros Points. Also, remaking this game gives another opportunity to create a side quest game like Bowser's Minions and Bowser Jr's Journey. Lastly, upon the remaking of Bowser's Inside Story, Partners in Time would be the only Mario and Luigi game that has not been designed in 3D so that would be odd that the game is left out.

I would truly appreciate the support and I would like our voices to be heard that Partners in Time deserves love too and should be treated as fairly as the 1st and 3rd games in the series, along with allowing a newer generation to be able to experience the game like they can now with the Superstar Saga and Bowser's Inside Story remakes.

Thank you.