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Marin Raykov: Please create a regulatory body to investigate/prosecute animal abusers.

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Bulgaria does have an Animal Welfare Law (APA 2008) which forbids inhumane handling of animals, protecting the rights of strays, and on 14th April 2011 Parliament passed an amendment which criminalises ‘Extreme Cruelty to Animals’ – and this came into force 27 July 2011.

However, this is pretty useless since Bulgaria has NO enforcement body to implement this law so effectively the lack of punishment results in the high incidence of Animal Cruelty and Abuse cases in this country. It is easy to understand how it is listed 1st in the top ten countries for animal cruelty.

So, the country has NO animal protection police & no regulatory body to investigate and ensure justice to the animals.

Stray animals are targetted, abused, tortured, and their abusers never get investigated or brought to trial. This needs to change.

What can we do?

Activists all over the world, join together and form an alliance and DEMAND to the appropriate authorities that this matter be dealt with and as quickly as possible, to at least bring them in line with other European countries. They need you to tell Bulgarian Government that it is now a high time to act and implement that modern Animal Protection Act of Bulgaria.

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