Return My Son and Stop CPS From Taking Children Over Accidents

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On Sept 18, 2014 CPS asked me to surrender my parental rights claiming I neglected medical treatment for my 17 month old son who fell and bumped his head twice in a 5 week period. He was perfectly fine and needed no medical attention.  They insisted the accidents were serious and added neglecting supervision when I told them he ran from one room to another, fell and bumped his head. It took a team of caseworkers, 2 doctors, the sheriff and the DA 45 days to investigate. They all met to determine if they were going to press charges! Fortunately, the sheriff and the DA dropped the case but issued a warning "don't let it happen again." This is not a joke!  

I've been extremely patient and cooperative with this organization as I’ve nothing to hide but its been 7 weeks and they keep stringing me along, don't return calls, never answer critical questions and hide behind the accusers accusations.  CPS is hindering the sacred father son bond necessary for proper develpment. They've conducted a biased investigation as if determined to find fault.  They've ignored key evidence such as text messages, personal contacts and the pediatridcian reports. Caseworker has no compassion and will not allow me to parent my child without a supervisor.  This is unacceptable and I need your help!  I'm missing out on the once in lifetime opportunity to hear and teach my son to talk. I am super frustrated as I will never get these moments back.  

BTW the allegation was made by Jonathan's mother in the midst of a custody dispute. She requested the investigation through the pediatrician and filed for child support 2 weeks later. Sadly, there are no consequences for making false reports and CPS protects the accuser's identity. I understand the need to take every allegation serious but they can certainly use a little more common sense when it comes to one spouse making an allegation against the other to gain an advantage in custody, child support and alimony.  Also, its a double standard for not holding her equally liable for not seeking medical treatment.  She ought to know Jonathan is the ultimate victim and I will fight for the right to father my son.      

Please join me and sign my petition asking them to close my case and reunite Jonathan to his loving father.  If this happened to me it can happen to you!  If accidents are neglect then we're are all one allegation away from losing our children.  This unconstitutional abuse of power must stop. No family should ever have their child taken for an accident nor should an investigation take 7 plus weeks to complete.  


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