A Call to Action: Tell Senator Schumer We Need SAFE Banking NOW.

A Call to Action: Tell Senator Schumer We Need SAFE Banking NOW.

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Started by Safe4 Equity

Leader Schumer,

By passing SAFE Banking in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), you have a chance to provide immediate and significant cannabis reform that will profoundly impact small and minority-owned businesses in New York.

Without access to the basic financial services enjoyed by every other legally operating business in the United States, those of us who’ve borne the brunt of cannabis prohibition will remain shut out of the legal cannabis industry, and deprived of the opportunity to restore impacted communities through the legal cannabis industry. Without SAFE Banking, large MSOs will continue their march toward consolidation in a marketplace that favors the well-capitalized and well-connected.

If operators remain forced to operate in an all-cash environment, the threat of violence will be realized on the streets of our communities. The recent violence that devastated our brothers and sisters in California serves as a powerful concern and reminder of what happens when businesses lack access to resources, banking services and insurance. Cash-only cannabis dispensaries have proven prime targets for criminal actors. New York will be no different, and likely to be next as a target when adult-use comes to market in our state.

We stand with you in commitment to comprehensive and restorative federal cannabis reform. This road to true reform will be long and hard. We will walk it with you to the end. But please know, without immediate intervention to provide access to broader banking options we may not have operational businesses soon if provisions are not put in place. We want to stand beside you as business owners as we continue to push for reform. We need economic justice now. These barriers are hurting those most impacted by prohibition and it is moving further from reality every day, as social equity programs and minority businesses fail to gross inequities in access to capital.

The time is now to help those soon to be 50% social equity cannabis businesses, micro license owners and cooperatives in New York who seek to join this industry of which is currently dominated by multistate operators who control the medical market. We ask you to include SAFE Banking in the NDAA, so all New Yorkers, not just the wealthy, have a chance to enter and succeed in this emerging cannabis industry.

1,775 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!