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The bill submitted by Norma Torres is one of the worst bills against legal medical marijuana users ever. This bill will make it a DUI Offense for ANYBODY who has ANY level of THC in their system. As MMJ users and ANYBODY who conducted the slightest bit of research would know THC could be evident up to 4 Weeks after any medication is taken. So any MMJ patient who gets pulled over for any traffic violation the police could find cause and force you to take a drug test AND FAIL. Even though you are not under any influence to alter your ability to operate a vehicle.

Norma Torres spend 19 years as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher and has very close relations with the police unions, prison unions and others that would directly benefit from such a unfounded, unscientific bill that is a direct assault on the LEGAL MMJ Patient. Please sign and pass on this petition to let Norma Torres and all other representatives that this bill is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and an attack on the MMJ patients which the voters of CA already approved to be legal.

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    To STOP Norma Torres AB2552 MMJ DUI Bill

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