Immediate custodial sentences for ANYONE caught carrying a knife #LANCES LAW

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  • My brother lance gregory was murdered in a senseless cowardly knife attack in 2012 . Due to our justice system His killer is out . After his release hehwas firstly breached within months for breach of licence and now hes back in for being caught with a machete.This shows he has learnt nothing .
  • Knife crime is out of control and we need to do something to help ourselves or our future generations.Knife bins do not work the government waste slot of funding on these which research has shown they are not effective in any way .Your opinion matters and we need to get it out there as I'm sure many of you know that knife crime will not be solved by cutting police and courts giving out lenient sentances.The sentence of ten years given  totmy brothers killer has no way had any  significant impact on his life. He can still have kids and  be part of a family.His term of 10 years do 5 is an insult I've known burglars  get longer .This has to change if you carry a knife and get caught the justice system  needs to come down hard and fast and if a murder or an assault occurs using a knife then the sentences need to reflect that. They have taken a life and not only done that but impacted on a whole family and alot of other people i.e family  friends  partners work colleagues the list is endless. So please sign this if you agree that lives are worth more than these insulting short sentances. Also They say there's a hefty sentence for carrying a knife but 9 times out of 10 a knife is just confiscated there is no fear of consequences for carrying a knife this needs to change now before we loose another life so therefore my aim in this petition is an imediate custodial sentence if caught with a knife .We need to put a fear factor in place so that people don't want to be caught carrying a knife because they know 100% they WILL go to prison no caution or fine just compulsary custodial sentences.We need to save lives and united we can do this .No one should ever suffer the effects of knife crime .I also would like to assure you I will be helping all those that need it.Sometimes people get into trouble and think that's it there's no way out but I'm going to prove there is HOPE and if you allow me I'll guide you there .We as a community can save lives and show that we do need a police force with adequate amounts of police and courts that give out sentences that will impact offenders lives and make them think twice before carrying a knife .