Stop The Gruesome Sport of Dog Fighting In Canada

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Did you know that 16,000 dogs are killed each year in organized dog fighting rings. Or that 'rescued dogs' are usually euthanized. Some fights even last upwards of 2 hours.  I believe that these dogs deserve a second chance to regain socialization with people and gain a forever home. Even after they are abused by people there is still a chance that they will become normal pet dogs, comfortable around people. But if we euthanize them after they are rescued how will they get that chance? Although some people may think the government is doing all they can with there current path I believe that they should put into effect task forces in order to reduce dog fighting rings, and that centres should be put in place to rehabilitate dogs. As well there needs to be more social awareness of this issue, because the lack of awareness will lead to lack of action. Dogs shouldn't have to fight, we're fighting so they don't have to, please sign to save the lives of these dogs.