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Demand the Investigation of Desert Oasis Farm & Dog Boarding

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Zero, a 1 year old German Shepherd, and Keizer an 11 year old Lab-mix, were boarded on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at Desert Oasis Farm and Dog Boarding in Buckeye, AZ (greater Phoenix, AZ). The owners, Meaghan and Luke, were on their way out of town for a few days heading towards Las Vegas by car. They were to be picked up on Monday, February 20, 2017 when they returned.

Meaghan and Luke chose Desert Oasis Farm and Dog Boarding in Buckeye, AZ through a booking company website for boarding pets. Desert Oasis  advertised dog boarding on their land with "3 acres of SECURELY FENCED YARD" for them while they went out of town. They went in person and checked out the home business. They trusted their boys would be safe and happy there.

It couldn't have been further from the truth.

On the morning of Saturday February 18, 2017, Meaghan and Luke were contacted by someone with a rescue that their Lab-mix Keizer was found at-large and terrified. Quickly, it was confirmed to Meaghan through this conversation that Zero had been hit and killed the day before. They were devastated. In a matter of minutes their world was turned upside down.

This was the first time Meaghan and Luke heard the confirmation of Zero's death, and it was from a total stranger. They were emotionally devastated.

The owners of Desert Oasis Farm and Dog Boarding had not contacted them and informed them of anything wrong when it occurred. Prior to Saturday morning's events, nothing was said about the dogs missing, about Zero being killed, about Keizer missing. Desert Oasis had Meaghan's contact info. The owner, Kate, had called and text messaged Meaghan on Wednesday to let her know all was okay. But it wasn't all okay, and never would be again.

Both Zero and Keizer were found miles from the boarding facility's location in a different city.

Zero was hit by a car Friday morning February 17, 2017 and killed at 6:38 AM in Goodyear, AZ. The accident shut down S Estrella Pkwy in Goodyear, AZ (greater Phoenix, AZ area) for a while in both directions. Zero suffered a broken back and head injuries, among many others. He quickly succumbed to the trauma and passed away.

Zero’s brother, Keizer, was missing without his collar on. Keizer is 11 years old with arthritis medication and cannot move faster than a jogging pace. Keizer was missing for approximately 2 days before he was found and brought to safety. When he was finally recovered, he could barely move from exhaustion and had to be examined by a veterinarian. He was dehydrated and had limited mobility in his joints. Unfortunately, Zero did not live through the experience and will not see his second birthday.

Desert Oasis Farm and Dog Boarding has told many different versions of what happened to different people. The owners believe they have yet to be told the truth. The facility never contacted the owners when the dogs went missing on Thursday (or whenever it may have been.) The dogs should never have been able to get off the property. The boarding facility owners haven't displayed any remorse. 

Adding insult to injury, the husband (Joe) filed a false dog bite report against Keizer alleging Keizer bit him the morning of Friday February 17, 2017 at a time after Zero had already been killed and Kiezer was already missing. Not only are statements he made false, but it states that Keizer got out through an open gate but Joe found him. He also falsely stated the owner had picked him up.


At that time on Friday, Meaghan and Luke had been told nothing, had no idea that Zero was dead and Keizer missing.  Meaghan and Luke, rescue people, Maricopa County, and others have been told many different stories about what happened. Nothing adds up. Nothing makes sense.

Meaghan and Luke, the owners of Zero and Keizer, entrusted their most precious in the hands of Desert Oasis. Now Zero is deceased and Keizer was found at-large. Meaghan and Luke are joined by many others who demand Maricopa County Sheriff's Office  (MCSO) investigate and hold Desert Oasis Farm and Dog Boarding responsible for the crimes of fraud, negligence, and animal cruelty. They are directly responsible for what happened, and directly responsible for Zero's death!

MCSO wants to label this an "accident." Accidents do not equal lies. Accidents do not equal false reports. Accidents do not equal many different versions of a story. This is no accident. It's a choice. It's intent to hide from the truth. They cannot hide.

Desert Oasis should never be able to hurt anyone or any animal ever again. We have chosen to stand up for Zero and Keizer because they cannot stand up for themselves. They have no voice, so we are their voice. Dogs love and trust us with all their hearts and we should not stand for what we feel is negligence and cruelty! Help us bring justice to Zero and ensure this does not happen to anyone else.

Thank you for your support!

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