Justice for Shelter Paws survivors

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Bring justice for the 50+ dogs starved at Shelter Paws building and charge the man responsible with cruelty to animals. 

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Update on the Survivors: The seized dogs are currently under the care of Maricopa Animal Safe Haven and considered evidence in an outgoing investigation, so until the dogs are signed over by the Rescue or the case goes to court, they cannot release any information and no visits allowed. We hope to see this go to court and charges brought.

Dogs are still being identified so if you have any information, please contact the MASH Facebook page. Donations can be sent directly to MASH but they advise call to schedule a receiving time. MASH is thanking everyone in the community for the support and donations so far.


Please continue to sign and share and ask that they prosecute the man responsible for this atrocity and that he is not able to ever be involved in animal rescue again.

RIP to the sweet souls who did not make it. We are now their voice.