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Ensure Casey has no opportunity to kill next time!!!

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Casey Norman caused a multi car accident on 2/2/12 because he was "allegedly" under the influence. The police report states "I [reporting officer] observed Casey having problems standing and continued to stumble and nearly fell a couple of times. I assisted Casey by grabbing his arms and helping him to keep his balance, I had Casey lean against his vehicle for support and he continued to sway side to side, continuing to lose his balance."

Casey Norman has a prescription pill bottle on him that, per the prescription date and amount, should have been missing 18 pills. It was missing 98!!!!!

Just 12 minutes before the accident I have the report showing that the officer was dispatched to locate a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road, the officer was called off the dispatch 1/2 mile north of the accident. When the officer got to the accident he noticied that the vehicle involved fit the description of the vehicle he was dispatched to find.

Because of this accident Morgan Tano, a 26 year old man, was nearly killed. He was in a coma for 3.5 weeks at John C. Lincoln Memorial Hospital. He has two punctured lungs, 13 broken ribs, his spleen was ruptured and removed during emergency surgery and his pelvic bone was broken in FIVE places. He had a temporary tracheotomy placed as well as a filter put near his heart in an attempt to keep blood clots from reaching his heart. He has extreme permanent nerve damage to his left leg due to a blood clot after surgery. He was on breathing machines for three weeks and had breathing treatments for two - three weeks after that. Six months after the accident he still cannot walk without the assistance of a walker. 

Casey Jack Norman has prior charges for aggravated assault [case #CR2007-109035-001]. This assault charge is actually a prior DUI charge! The first time he was picked up for DUI he was sent to traffic school and his license was suspended for one year. The SECOND time he was picked up he was ticketed for driving on a suspended license and had an interlocking device placed on his car to prevent driving under the influence.

This would be his THIRD DUI charge in less than five years. The officer showed him to be stumbling and took him to the hospital for drug testing. He needs stricter punishments and his license revoked. He almost killed multiple people this time and one person may never fully walk again. What happens next time? Does someone need to actually LOSE a loved one to this mans negligence before proper action is taken??

And yet he is out walking free, still driving!

This man needs to be taken off the road. Please help me make sure the Maricopa County District Attorney's Office charges him appropriately. It's been over six months since the accident and he still has no charges against him. Help us stop him from his next incident, his next victim, and put him in custody like he deserves!

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