Confirmed victory

In the short time we, the residents of the inner west, have had Food Trucks venture to our side of the city, I have seen nothing but good come from this for all.

It has substantially increased use of parks within Seddon when Food Trucks operate beside one.

It has allowed for residents to be able to walk to a location to obtain dinner or lunch, rather than drive, not only promoting health, but an environmental benefit.

It has genuinely added to the unique tapestry of food and culture that exists in Seddon and the inner west.

Rather than being a threat to established business, it has increased brand recognition of the Seddon village food culture, and physically increased foot traffic to the village.

So please stop pandering to the vocal minority, and listen to the masses that live within the City of Maribyrnong and allow Food Trucks to operate within Seddon!


Note: I am not affiliated with any Food Trucks, I'm merely a resident who wants change!

Letter to
Maribyrnong City Council
Allow "Food Trucks" to operate within Seddon