Stand for compassionate treatment of homeless tenters in Beacon Hill Park

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As a group of parents who continue to enjoy Beacon Hill playgrounds, duck ponds and squirrels, we want to speak up. We feel safe bringing our children to the park, in spite of people who are homeless who call the park home. We can share the park (as well as other parks in Victoria with playgrounds and people tenting, like Central Park). We still have playdates, picnics, outdoor birthday parties and other fun times in the park. We can coexist in the park together, without fear. Our free access has not been impeded by people staying in the park. 

When we pass a tent, we explain to our kids that everyone deserves a safe home like they have. Everyone deserves a bedroom like they do. But for some people, their tent is their home, and it's not fair. 

As parents, we stand for compassionate treatment of people experiencing homelessness in Beacon Hill Park, or Meegan. Housing is the solution to homelessness, not enforcing laws that move people from Beacon Hill Park / Meegan to nowhere. Every person sheltering in the park is someone's son or daughter, sister or brother, mother or father, and should be treated with compassion, not fear or anger.

This petition calls on governments to share the park and focus solutions on housing, not displacement.