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  Maria Miller, Basingstoke MP has over-claimed on her expenses by more than £40,000.

Her punishment?

To give a 30 second apology, pay back less than £6000 of that amount and keep her job and her position as someone who is supposed to represent the people of Basingstoke.

With unemployment levels as a 17 year high in Basingstoke, we must question why our MP is allowed to get away with such criminal behaviour.

It is time Maria Miller stepped down.


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The report onto the cabinet minister Maria Miller is the first major expenses scandal on Mr Cameron’s watch. It was his big opportunity to demonstrate that his government is driven by values of honesty, decency and probity.

Mr Cameron has failed the test. There is no doubt at all that the Prime Minister should have insisted that Mrs Miller step down as a Cabinet minister. Instead he has thrown a protective ring around her.

This is terribly sad. A report from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards found that the Culture Secretary over-claimed on her mortgage expenses by more than £40,000. A subsequent report by MPs says that Mrs Miller then repeatedly failed to cooperate with the investigation.

It is important to remember that in any other walk of life the culprit would have lost their job. Military officers would have been cashiered, civil servants would have been sacked, solicitors struck off- even city bankers would have found themselves on the pavement with a possessions in a black plastic bag and a reputation so tainted they could never work again.

Perhaps the most troubling comparison is the fate of benefit claimants, who would never have been allowed to get away with falsely claiming public money, then refusing to assist the authorities when an investigation was launched.

So the prime minister has made a public statement that there is one law for ministers and MPs – and one law for the everybody else." 

(Taken from The Telegraph Website 04/04/2014)

Letter to
Prime Minister David Cameron
Westminster Maria Miller MP
Step down from your position as Basingstoke MP and Culture Secretary.
I am deeply concerned about the role you play as a representative of Basingstoke and of the people of the UK. The recent investigation into your expenses scandal has prompted you to give a small apology to the House of Commons and be ordered to pay back a small amount of what you had over claimed.
Unfortunately, this is not enough for the people who you truly serve. In this great time of austerity, where we are all in it together, I feel that you do not understand the concept. In order to keep your integrity, we ask that you apologise to your constituents and stand down from your position.
The people of Basingstoke are currently facing a 17-year high in unemployment, with cuts to multiple services and homes being affected by the bedroom tax. Your constituents are facing a time of dire need and poverty and for this reason, it is vitally important that you recognise the implications of your actions.
It is becoming increasingly obvious to the people of the United Kingdom that there seems to be one rule for the likes of yourself, and one rule for the rest of us. In any other business or institution your job would be under threat and you would have had to step down a long time ago. If you had been claiming benefits and failed to admit a change in circumstance, you could now face time in prison. It is a serious concern that these repercussions seem to be missed by you.
It is time that you properly acknowledged the people who put you are supposed to represent and listen to our requests.