Refuse to Hire Michael Persky as the Lynbrook High Girls' Tennis Coach

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Recently, Michael Aaron Persky, the judge of the Brock Turner case was hired by the Fremont Union High School District as the Girls' JV tennis coach for lynbrook High. Michael Aaron Persky infamously voted to allow Brock Turner a mere 3 months of jail time. Brock Turner, a then-student at Stanford University, raped a young woman behind a dumpster while she was unconscious. The crime was punishable to up to 14 years but Persky allotted 6 months and reduced it to 3 as a result of Turner's "good behavior." I urge everyone to take a moment to read her most recent testimony:

As a result of his reprehensible decision, judgement, and sheer lack of empathy for the situation, Michael Persky was recalled from his role as a judge. To put the gravity of the situation into context, Persky was and is the first California judge to be called in over 86 years. Now, he is allowed to be a tennis coach at my high school, Lynbrook. 

By hiring Persky as the FEMALE teams' tennis coach, the Lynbrook, FUHSD, and Santa Clara County administrations are explicitly and ignorantly allowing rape culture to ensue. Furthermore, this employment devalues everything the survivor has been through, the courage of the story told, and her incredible strength to stand up for what she believes in. High school sports coaches are mandated reporters meaning they are "legally required to report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect to the relevant authorities." How can we allow girls aged 13-18 to be under surveillance and authority of a man who has a repeated history of allowing severe rape and sexual assault cases to be brushed under the rug. How can we allow a man who has diminished the voices of young women traumatized but bravely standing up for their rights and those of others, be a mandated reporter for hundreds of other girls. 

Regardless of Persky's supposed history and accolades in the sport or coaching as a profession, Lynbrook High cannot overlook Persky's judicial history and the words of survivors. 

I urge Lynbrook High, FUHSD, and any other bodies and persons in charge to overturn their decision in hiring Michael Aaron Persky. 



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