Save Lake Kachess

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Special interest groups have been proposing a floating pump plant and conveyance from Lake Keechelus to Lake Kachess, these projects would alter the landscape of both lakes and drain Lake Kachess well below pre-historic dam levels. The total project is estimated at up to 1/2 a billion dollars and would provide little benefit to unsustainable irrigation practices within the Yakima Valley during recurrent drought years, unless fully funded, the projects have no merit. The proposed plans would favor large industrial farms, as smaller farms would have a hard time absorbing increased irrigation costs.

Additionally, the impact of the proposed projects to Lake Kachess bull trout have the potential to further contribute to their extinction as natural water ways, such as the Kachess River from Little Kachess to Lake Kachess would cease to exist. The landscape of Lake Kachess would forever be altered by these projects and the tens of thousands of visitors along the I90 corridor impacted. The environmental risks and impact to small farmers greatly outweigh any potential benefit of these projects to the Yakima Basin.